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We guarantee inner peace and safeness in your home with our professional rodent proofing services. Protect your home from rats, birds, and squirrels
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Rodent Proofing Service

At Rodent Proof Crew, we offer a comprehensive rodent proofing service, focusing on effectively sealing your home against intruders. We conduct thorough analysis in attics, crawl spaces, roofs, and surrounding areas, applying solutions like durable mesh, foam, and specialized cement to block access points.

This comprehensive strategy not only protects your family’s health and the structure of your home but also prevents costly long-term damage. With our satisfaction guarantee and post-service follow-up, we ensure that your home remains secure and rodent-free, offering a lasting and cost-effective solution. We do not deal with rodent infestations. We offer rodent proofing services for your home that prevent them from returning after they have already been removed.

About Us

Dedicated to Safeguarding Your Home from Rodent Threats

At Rodent Proof Crew, we are dedicated to protecting your home in The Bay Area CA, turning it into a safe and rodent-free haven. Our approach goes beyond simple pest control; we strive to provide peace of mind through personalized and effective solutions. Our team is deeply committed to each project, combining advanced techniques with unparalleled local knowledge. We pride ourselves on offering a service that not only eliminates pests but also preserves the integrity and risklessness of your home. At Rodent Proof Crew, we care for your home as if it were our own.

Why Choose Us?

At Rodent Proof Crew, we combine over 8 years of experience in rodent control with meticulous and personalized service in San Francisco. Our focus is on customer safety and satisfaction, offering free post-service inspections to ensure lasting results. We stand out for our commitment to efficacy and care in every project, ensuring a safe and rodent-free home. Choose Rodent Proof Crew in The Bay Area for a trusted solution in protecting your home.

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Client Reviews


Mark Thompson.

Amazing service by Rodent Proof Crew! They sealed up our home tight and we've been rodent-free ever since. Professional, efficient, and thorough. Highly recommend


Jhon T.

The team was incredibly professional, arriving on time and keeping us updated throughout the process.


Sarah J.

I was thoroughly impressed with the Rodent Proof Crew's attention to detail. They not only sealed my home but also followed up to ensure everything was perfect. Outstanding service!


Emily & Sarah.

We're so impressed with their professionalism and skills! The team was creative and attentive to our needs.

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